Molecular Circuit Breadboard

Breadboard pipeline

Building molecular circuits used to take weeks or months of effort, the circuits themselves were slow (hours to days), and worst of all they were prone to error. Not anymore. We are building the next generation of molecular circuits, using enzyme-free leakless DNA strand displacement systems. If you have a new idea for a circuit, shouldn’t you be able to build it and experimentally prove it within an afternoon? We think so and have therefore created a molecular breadboard that can reconfigure into billions of robust circuits that compute in seconds to minutes.

During an invited talk at the international Foundations of Nanoscience conference, I detailed our efforts in building a prototype breadboard capable of implementing numerous large circuits found in the literature. Not only did the circuits compute in a few short minutes, they were exceptionally robust. We expect the efforts to build the full-size breadboard will conclude in January 2020. Stay tuned!